2012 アジア隣人 特別企画 『未来への展望』 Asian Neighbors Program Special purpose grant "Prospects for the future"      
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障害者の就労機会の創出による社会参加の促進 -アジアの障害当事者による就労支援と生計創出の先駆的な実践と経験の交流
Promotion of Social Participation of People with Disabilities by Creating Employment Opportunities – Exchange of innovative practices and experiences of employment support  and income generation by people with disabilities in Asia
藤井 克徳
Katsunori Fujii
Workability Asia
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Most of people with disabilities in Asia are in poverty class and are suffered from multiple disadvantages as poverty and disability. They are many times excluded from labour market due to their disabilities so that they are very difficult to find jobs for making their lives.
On the other hand many innovative practices conducted by people with disabilities themselves are seen in Asian countries to develop more employment opportunities of people with disabilities.
Workability Asia is a network of these disability organizations. Under this program, members who are doing good practices gather and hold a workshop to analyze the effectiveness and weak points as well of respective practices and seek how to be possible to share in other countries.
The discussion and ideas generated by the workshop will be compiled as a report “Prospect for the future”. The report will be a first compilation of good practices of employment of people with disabilities in Asia. We believe that it will be a guideline to improve and enhance the employment situation of people with disabilities in many countries in Asia.

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