2012 アジア隣人 特別企画 『未来への展望』 Asian Neighbors Program Special purpose grant "Prospects for the future"      
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ガンジス流域 変わりゆく水の利用 ―水利用の格差なき社会形成に向けて
Changing water use in the Ganges valley :Towards a new society without a gap in water supplies
横田  漠
Hiroshi Yokota
特定非営利活動法人 アジア砒素ネットワーク(AAN)
Asia Arsenic Network
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


この議論を行うため、AANの情報発信拠点の砒素センター(バングラデシュ)にインド・ネパール・バングラデシュ・日本の砒素対策実践者が集まり、ワークショップを開く。その結果を近隣の同様の問題を抱える国へ発信するために、報告書「未来への展望 水利用の格差なき社会形成に向けて」を作成する。

Water problems in the Ganges valley are getting serious quantitatively and qualitatively more than ever. Although 30 years passed since the detection of arsenic in tube well water in India, many are left without safe water in arsenic-affected areas in Asia. On the other hand, demands for convenient water supplies have been mounting, and water service through pipeline is being introduced as part of arsenic mitigation. The era to use locally available water is changing to the era to pay for water.
In Bangladesh AAN has seen the reality that socially vulnerable people tend to lack access to safe water unless the water supply plan was well considered. AAN established “the water supply system which reflects residents' voices”.  In order to overcome this turning point without widening the gap of the right to life, this system should be studied and disseminated to other arsenic-affected countries.
AAN will hold a workshop in Bangladesh with representatives from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Japan, and develop a report named "Prospects for the Future -- Towards a new society without a gap in water supplies”.

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