2012 アジア隣人 特別企画 『未来への展望』 Asian Neighbors Program Special purpose grant "Prospects for the future"      
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アジアの町並み保存ネットワークとその未来 ―歴史遺産、民族アイデンティティの継承、アジアのダイナミズム
Urban Conservation Network in Asia and Its Future :Heritage, Cultural Identities and Asian Dynamism
室  雅博
Masahiro Muro
社団法人 奈良まちづくりセンター
Nara Machizukuri Center Incorporated Association
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Nara Machizukuri Center has been supporting urban conservation activities in Asia since 1991 and has established the Asia and West-Pacific Network for Urban Conservation with other NPOs. The network has been expanded to Chiang Mai, Thai; Seoul, South Korea; and Aceh, Indonesia. Historic urban areas in Asia are however in crisis while many Asian countries enjoy economic growth. We have to evaluate the past activities now and consider the future to map out a new strategy combined with Asian dynamism. And we have to expand the network to the emerging economies like Myanmar where a market economy has just introduced, to create a conservation system to survive the powerful impacts of global economy.

We will hold a workshop in Penang as a hub of Asian network, for each NPO to promote the experience exchange from the viewpoints of living communities including intangible heritage and the survival of cultural identities. We will invite Yangon Heritage Trust which has established in Myanmar and support their activities as a model of the new strategy. In addition, we will build a new flexible network by making better use of social media.

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