2012 アジア隣人 特別企画 『未来への展望』 Asian Neighbors Program Special purpose grant "Prospects for the future"      
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New Paradigm of Collaboration among Asian NGOs and Role of Asian Community Trust (ACT) - Strategy Conference of ACT Secretariat and Leaders of its Local NGO Partners in Asia
伊藤 道雄
Michio Ito
特定非営利活動法人 アジア・コミュニティ・センター21
Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21)
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Pursuing a vision of developing a sense of "community" in the Asian region where people help one another, Asian Community Trust (ACT) was established in 1979 to support various non-profit organizations in the region that are involved in social development and other concerned activities through funds donated by Japanese individuals and organizations. In its 31 years so far, ACT has granted a total of around 580 million Japanese yen (7.4 million US dollars) to over 160 local NGOs for their around 500 projects in 13 countries in the region.

Among the ACT-funded projects some achieved great success in improving quality of life of over hundreds of thousands people in sustainable manner and were replicated by other NGOs and expanded to other communities/countries while others failed to achieve their objectives. Meanwhile, a number of Asian countries such as Thailand and India have been successfully developing their economies and an increasing number of NGOs in Asia are successful in capacitating socially marginalized people.

Under the aforementioned conditions and changing economic environment in Asia, this project has two major purposes. First, it aims to study and share experiences of the conference participants and others concerned: how ACT's beneficiary organizations, especially those successful ones, have tackled problems (strategies) and overcome difficulties, leading to sustainable development in their own local communities.

Secondly, it aims to explore, while reexamining ACT current granting schemes to Asian NGOs, a new paradigm of collaboration among ACT local NGO partners and other Asian NGOs in empowering those socially marginalized people and pursuing social development in sustainable manner in securing /expanding financial sources and sharing technical know- how, and due role of ACT.

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