2012 アジア隣人 特別企画 『未来への展望』 Asian Neighbors Program Special purpose grant "Prospects for the future"      
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人々の暮らしが尊重される開発と資源管理のあり方を求めて ―東アジア・メコン河流域国の市民社会の経験交流と未来への政策提言
Policy Proposals for our Future Civil Society Exchanges among NGOs in East Asia and the Mekong Region for the promotion of development and resource management that respects peoples’ livelihoods
木口 由香
Yuka Kiguchi
特定非営利活動法人 メコン・ウォッチ
Mekong Watch
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


In the Mekong Region, destruction of forests and rivers is endangering the livelihoods of those who depend on the natural environment. Mekong Watch researches development’s impacts on human security and natural resource use unique to the Mekong Region, and makes ODA policy recommendations based on our findings. China, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam have emerged as investors and donors in the region, but Chinese and Korean NGOs have not engaged in development policy discussions. One reason for this is lack of interaction between Chinese and Korean NGOs with NGOs from the Mekong Region, Europe, the US, and Japan in the field of development and sustainable natural resource use.  In this project, we will organize an international workshop where we will 1) exchange information and opinions on natural resource use, environment and development in the Mekong Region; 2) learn from experiences of Thai and Japanese NGOs; and 3) strengthen the Mekong Region and East Asian NGO network. We will also compile “Proposals for our Future” - areas where civil society can cooperate to promote resource management respecting livelihoods of local peoples.

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