2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究1  Category A: Joint Research (1)
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Research into Strategies for Primary and Lower Secondary School Reform to Improve Equality in Education
齊藤 英介
Eisuke Saito
National Institute of Education, Singapore
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

本プロジェクトは、1986年にドイモイを開始して以降、成長著しいベトナムを対象とする。ドイモイによる経済成長は、都市部を中心とする人々の生活水準を向上したが、同時に社会・経済上の格差をもたらすことにもつながっている。農村や少数民族地域での社会・経済発展上の課題は多く、学校教育もその主要な問題の一つである。とくに、単に学校に入学させるだけでなく、いかに質の高い教育機会を継続的にすべての子どもに対して保障するかは喫緊の課題である。本研究では、べトナムでの小・中学校改革の推進方策について明らかにし、実践的な政策提言を行うことを目的とする。研究課題は、(1) ベトナムの小・中学校における教育実践改革、(2) 改革を実施するためのマネジメント、(3) 地域社会による学校改革支援の3点を推進する要因の分析である。研究プロジェクトの実施にあたり、べトナムの研究者と実践家が共同参加し、この学校改革の分野で「学びの共同体」を提唱し、研究・実践の両面で先駆的な貢献を果たしてきた日本の研究者と実践者も参加する。

 In Vietnam, which is the target of this project, has been growing her economy since the commencement of Doi Moi, the market-oriented economic reform, in 1986. Although the economic growth by introduction of Doi Moi certainly improved the living standards of people in the urban areas, it also expanded the gap between haves and have-nots in socio-economic terms. In the rural areas or ethnic minority areas, there have been many problems in their social and economic development and schooling education is one of those serious issues. Particularly, it is crucial and urgent how to assure not only just the school enrolment rates, but also classroom teaching and learning process with high quality for every single child.
 The present study is to discuss strategies for primary and lower secondary school reform in Vietnam and to draw policy proposals. To be concrete, the research task is to clarify factors to promote (1) reform of pedagogical practices in Vietnamese primary and lower secondary schools; (2) management for school reform at both levels and (3) supports by local societies for school reform. The research team consists of researchers and practitioners in both Vietnam and Japan, based on their past collaboration since 2006. They have been conducting both practices and researches into a school reform approach, called as 'lesson study for learning community', which attracts strong attention by educators and scholars both in Japan and abroad.

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