2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究2  Category A: Joint Research (2)
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ラオス北部におけるテナガエビの資源管理の実践 ―住民参加によるテナガエビ資源回復への試み
Stock Management Practices for the Indigenous Shrimp Macrobrachium Yui in Northern Laos: An Attempt on Recovery of the Shrimp Stock with Local Community Participation
Aloun Kounthongbang
Living Aquatic Resources Research Center (LARReC), Aquaculture Unit
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 The indigenous shrimp Macrobrachium yui which can be found in northern Laos is an important source of income for the rural people. However, shrimp catch has decreased year by year due to overfishing and deterioration of aquatic environments by human activities. This has become a big problem in the villages surrounding the shrimp's habitat. Although various measures on the shrimp stock enhancement have been attempted so far in order to solve the problem, it has not been successful yet.
 Our resent field research showed that the shrimp migrates among habitats of main river, forest stream and cave stream during its lifespan and spawns in the inner part of the cave stream during August to September. Based on the ecological characteristics, the stock management system of the shrimp with a focus on fishery regulations was developed. We have just prepared for its pilot study in Luang-Prabang province, Laos. However, even if the fishery regulations are enacted, we are not able to expect recovery of the shrimp stock if the shrimp habitats are degraded.
 In this project, we will first carry out the monitoring on dynamics of the shrimp stock with monthly sampling for evaluation of the effectiveness of the fishery regulations. Subsequently, we will elucidate important habitat factors for the shrimp in order to incorporate conservation measures of the shrimp habitat into the existing stock management system. These research activities are essential for us to make the existing stock management system of the shrimp more complete.
 After completion of this project, the shrimp stock management should be conducted at the initiative of the local government and villagers. We will therefore develop monitoring and evaluation systems on the shrimp stock suitable for the rural people. These systems are likely to contribute toward realizing recovery and sustainable use of the shrimp stock.

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