2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーB: 個人奨励研究  Category B (Individual Research)
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旧産炭地の課題にアプローチする子育てネットワーク形成の研究 ―「筑豊子育てネットワーク」15年間の活動記録を中心に
Establishing Childcare Networks Approaching Issues in Closed Mine Area: Focusing on the 15 years' Activity of "Chikuhou Kosodate Network"
相戸 晴子
Haruko Aito
WILL: Support for Civil Society Groups in Childcare Activities
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Besides projects supported by state subsidy, there has been a regional gap regarding the implementation of childcare policy according to the local governments' discretion determined by factors such as their fiscal strength, child population and the consciousness of their head or persons in charge of the issue (2011 research by Saga Prefectural Board of Education). Under such circumstances, aggravation of child care environment has become a serious problem for closed mine areas that already face much difficulties concerning child abuse, poverty and foreign residents. However, in the Chikuhou area, Fukuoka Prefecture, a challenge by "Chikuhou Kosodate Network" led by parents raising their children has been continuing for 15 years. Not only just by raising their demands to the local government, but with a positive attitude to support itself, it has demonstrated the role of the civil society to create a better childcare environment in the region. The research will be made on the written materials of the movement, such as its newsletters and "Childcare Calendars", as well as from the interviews of its members. It will focus on how people's relationships were formed and spread, and how the problems within the region were approached.

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