2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーB: 個人奨励研究  Category B (Individual Research)
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コンタクト・ゾーンとしての道場 ―日系カナダ移民の柔道を通じた共生への道のり
The Judo Dojo as a 'Contact Zone': Processes and Struggles of Japanese Immigrants Seeking Re-settlement through the Judo Gym
鷲谷 洋輔
Yosuke Washiya
Graduate School of Excercise Sciences, University of Toronto
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 This study aims to illustrate the process of Japanese immigrants in Canada seeking to coexist with the Canadian ethnic majorities after World War II. The 'Contact Zone' is a notion introduced by Anthropologist M. Platt, which focuses on social settings where multiple groups from different backgrounds are coming into contact.
 After the end of World War II, Japanese immigrants were forced to re-settle after being interned in concentration camps, a process which posed many difficulties. Coexistence with the majorities, especially the Anglo-Saxons was crucial for them. Judo Dojo (gyms) in Canada, most of which were opened by Japanese immigrants at the time, seemed to play a part in bringing both the Japanese and Anglo-Saxon majority together in a social space.
 Today, there are more than 400 Judo gyms in Canada, most of which have a diverse group of instructors and pupils. By revealing the process of the gaining popularity of the Judo gym in both western and eastern Canada, this study will demonstrate how the struggle of the Japanese immigrants eventually led to building relationships with the majorities.
 The attempts and experiences of Japanese immigrants from the beginning of the 20th century will bring a new perspective for 'peace building' and 'multiculturalism' in this globalized era. The results of this study will also bring a new approach of 'grass-rooted practice for coexistence' rather than 'intervention based programs' to peace building research.

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