2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究2  Category A: Joint Research (2)
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海外へ再移住する「脱北者」たちの理想と現実 ―トランスナショナル・ネットワークの活用とボーダー・コントロールの視点から
The Ideal and the Reality of Overseas North Korean Defectors: From the Perspective of Transnational Networks and Border Controls
金  敬黙
Kyungmook Kim
School of International Liberal Studies, Chukyo University
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 Until recently, South Korea has been the final destinations for most North Korean defectors. However, the situation is changing in that an increasing number of North Korean defectors who have settled in the South are now leaving the country and heading for North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific including Australia and Japan, or seeking to directly go to overseas countries without initially arriving/settling in South Korea at all. Sometimes as asylum seekers/refugees, mostly as overseas students, migrants whether legal or not, the forms and patterns which their migration take are varied and diverse. When migrating and settling from one place to another, they often make use of "Korean networks" already formed by overseas Koreans, and especially "North Korean defector networks" around the world.
 Why do they migrate to overseas countries without arriving/staying in South Korea? Moreover, how do they utilize the mechanism of transnational networks as their social capital, collecting information, selecting their destinations, and building their new lives? Many of them select North America and European countries seeking to fulfil their dreams and better lives, but as well as those regions, Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia and Japan are rising as some of the top choices for re-migration if possible. This research project, accordingly, will explore the patterns of re-migration of North Korean defectors across Asia, analyze and advocate at a policy level especially in relation to border control issues, and take life records/histories of defectors' complex life patterns.

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