2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究2  Category A: Joint Research (2)
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思春期に発症した2型糖尿病の子どもへの療養支援に関する研究 ―治療と療養の継続性に焦点を当てて
Research on Therapeutic Support for Children with Type 2 Diabetes Onset in Adolescence: Focusing on the Continuity of Treatment and Therapy
沖本 克子
Katsuko Okimoto
Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

そこで、本研究は、A: 思春期に2型糖尿病を発症した成人の体験から、(1) 2型糖尿病の子どもはどのような思いを抱いているのか、(2) 治療中断に至るプロセス、(3) 治療再開に至るプロセス、について質的な研究手法で明らかにすることと、B: アメリカにおける思春期の2型糖尿病の子どもとその家族への指導プログラムの現地調査をとおして指導の実際を把握し、プログラムの治療や療養の中断防止の工夫や有効性を明らかにすることにより、2型糖尿病の子どもの治療や療養の中断を意識した療養支援を検討することを目的とする。

  Childhood diabetes can be classified into Type 1, Type 2, and secondary, etc., but in the past twenty to thirty years there has been a sharp increase in Type 2 diabetes in adolescence and beyond. Approximately thirty percent of children with Type 2 diabetes discontinue treatment and are not under the care of a medical institution for over a year, and it has been reported that when treatment is resumed there are many cases of severe complications. The creation of a support system where children with Type 2 diabetes can receive continuous treatment and therapy is an urgent issue, and there have been attempts made to provide treatment and care, such as by holding summer camps for them and creating an outpatient adolescent diabetes clinic.
 Therefore, the aims of this study are to (A) demonstrate through qualitative research methods from the experiences of adults who had onset Type 2 diabetes during adolescence (1) the feelings of children with Type 2 diabetes, (2) the process leading to discontinuing treatment, (3) the process leading to resuming treatment, and (B) through on-site surveys of educational programs, gain an understanding of how education is actually carried out for children with adolescent Type 2 diabetes and their families in the United States, and by demonstrating creativity and efficacy in preventing the interruption of treatment and care programs, examine the care of children with Type 2 diabetes and therapeutic support which factors in the possibility of care being discontinued.

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