2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究1  Category A: Joint Research (1)
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原発災害を契機とした「国内植民地」構造再編の把握 ―「公害」の経験を参照軸とした新たな農業・農村研究の構築
Understanding the Restructure of the "Domestic Colonies" Resulting from the Nuclear Catastrophe: Construction of a New Agriculture and Rural Areas Research that Takes the Experience of "Kogai (Industrial Pollution in Modern Japan)" as its Frame of Reference
中田 英樹
Hideki Nakata
International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

福島原発事故によって、日本の資本主義経済が国内「植民地」構造に依存し、その矛盾を東北農村へ押しつけてきた歴史が露となった。本研究は、(1) この構造が事故後、どのように再編されつつあるのかを実証的に把握し、(2)「公害」の経験から蓄積された思想的成果をそこへ重ね合わせることで、(3) これからの農業・農村をめぐる新たな研究の地平を模索するものである。

  The Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has revealed the dependence of Japanese capitalism on domestic "colonies" and the history of the imposition of contradictions arising from this on the rural areas of the Tohoku region. This research will (1) aim at the empirical comprehension of this restructuring following the nuclear accident, (2) reflect the philosophical achievements that have accumulated through the experience of "kogai", and (3) seek a new perspective for the future of agriculture and rural areas.
 Up to now, the Tohoku-Joban region has supported Japan's large cities as a supply base providing agricultural food products, an industrial labor force and mineral resources. At present, however, the situation has arisen whereby the farmers who have remained in the contaminated areas in order to continue to farm have been marginalized by the society they are surrounded by as "perpetrators" who are scattering contaminated material. This structure is, in fact, exactly what we have experienced during the history of "kogai." Future discussions regarding nuclear power plants will naturally include such scientific and technological aspects as decontamination and the disposal of nuclear waste, but these discussions must first begin by reflecting upon the historical structure of subordination of the rural areas to the cities.
 While aiming at a radical review of previous research on agriculture and rural areas, this research will challenge the current situation in which a new domestic "colonial" structure has been reproduced and present a new perspective for a future social structure through synchronic field work and an historical investigation of the accumulation of thought and theory."

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