2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーB: 個人奨励研究  Category B (Individual Research)
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大学病院に勤務する臨床研究コーディネーターのレジリエンスに関する研究 ―臨床研究コーディネーターはどのように精神的な回復力を身につけたのか

Resilience of Clinical Research Coordinators: How Have They Gained Mental Recovery?
温井 智美
Tomomi Nukui
群馬大学医学部附属病院 臨床試験部
Gunma University Hospital
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In today's medical care in Japan, the provision of safe and advanced medical treatment has been an urgent need, including measures for drug lag. Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) play the role of supporting clinical trials so that high-quality trials can be conducted. In order to medicate a patient who participates in a clinical trial as a subject with an unrecognized medicine, not only the knowledge about a particular medicine or disease but broad knowledge and experience are required for CRCs. CRCs may feel so stressed from the peculiarity of their work, and many of them resign.
Some CRCs resign due to their poor adaptability to medical front, however, others continue their duties by adjusting to circumstances and acquiring mental recovery while they temporarily receive strong mental damage. This ability to recover mentally is called resilience, which is proven possible to be intervened and developed, according to previous studies in education and psychiatry. This study focuses on the resilience of CRCs. Individual interviews with CRCs who work at a university hospital are conducted to look back on their experience. This paper attempts to clarify, based on these interviews, how CRCs experience the process of receiving strong mental damage, overcoming them and recovering mentally, and how their self changed with these experiences.

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