2012 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  カテゴリーA: 共同研究2  Category A: Joint Research (2)
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戦争をめぐる日蘭関係の解決にむけて ―在蘭邦人による「他国史」の内在化と現地のニーズに対応した民間主導の日蘭歴史和解プログラム生成に向けた研究
Seeking a Solution to the Netherlands and Japan Relation over the Pacific War: Research Project of Internalization of "the Other's History" by Japanese Residents in the Netherlands and the Creation of a History Reconciliation Program from Private Sector Initiative that Responds to Local Needs
Kaori Maekawa
Foundation for the People Affected by the War in the Pacific: with Japanese archives and contacts
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After the formal independence of the United States of Indonesian Republic in 1949, the colonial community of the former Netherlands East Indies, a population of about 350,000 (ex-POW, ex-civilian internees, Dutch-Indonesian Eurasians including Japanese-Eurasians), lost their "fatherland" after the cruel Japanese Occupation and repatriated to the unknown country, the Netherlands and beyond. These people and their descendants reach 10% of the Netherlands population. The animosity toward Japan, which the first generation held, stayed not only within their family but stretched to the next generations, which also cast shadows on the education policy in the Netherlands. Because the problems of two countries over the war is deeply rooted in society, the official cultural exchange of post war Netherlands-Japan tried to avoid touching the issues directly and tended to be focused on the cultural relations around Hirado and Nagasaki which go back to the Edo period. Therefore Japanese residents in the Netherlands face to be viewed as the "enemy side" by the repatriates from the former NEI. As a result of this, a part of those Japanese that try to accept "the Other's History" lead the initiative to seek reconciliation through the history of the war.
 This research project aims (1) to place those reconciliation activities led by the Japanese initiative within the social political history of Netherlands-Japan relations, (2) to identify and analyze the common issues among similar activities in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia which relate to the post war diaspora of the Netherlands colonial state from an academic point of view and (3) to create History Reconciliation Programs which reflect concrete needs in the Netherlands. This project will contribute not only to the improvement of relations between the two countries but also contribute to Japan's role in international society in the field of Reconciliation over the Pacific War.

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