2012 社会コミュニケーションプログラム Communication with Society Program      
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移住についてのメコンシンポジウム -メコン隣国からの移住者との共生―メコン地域における移住者の融合と社会的一体性を実現するための整合性ある対応をめざして
Mekong Symposium on Migration: Migrants from the Mekong Neighbouhood Living Together—Seeking Coherent Responses to Enable Integration and Social Cohesion of Migrants in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)
Jacqueline Pollock
Mekong Migration Network
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Despite increased discussion among governments and civil society, labour migration policy in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) continues to lack a comprehensive framework and fails to provide the long term vision necessary to achieve social cohesion. The proposed Symposium will provide a venue where policy makers, migrants’ rights advocates, migrant representatives, representatives of the inter-governmental organisations, and academic experts can share information and perspectives on what it means for nationals and migrants to live together in social harmony. In so doing, we shall explore migrants’ cultural and social identities, social protection, migrants’ experience on social inclusion and/or exclusion, and their access to public services.
At the proposed Symposium, we shall endeavour to collectively develop recommendations agreeable to all stakeholders. Following the Symposium, we will organise a press conference to promote the outcome of the event. The recommendations will be translated into respective GMS languages, and submitted to relevant policy makers and other stakeholders, together with the Symposium’s proceedings. Moreover, migrant advocates will follow up with key stakeholders concerning the recommendations through their advocacy work over the coming years.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

Following one of the central objectives of the Symposium (to collectively develop strategies and recommendations to enhance social cohesion GMS and enable migrant and host communities to live together peacefully and in harmony), a comprehensive list of recommendations was jointly developed. The Symposium was also successful in achieving the following more specific objectives developed by MMN ahead of the Symposium: to develop a shared understanding on enabling factors for social cohesion, what they really mean for migrants and possible actions to improve them; to increase awareness among general public regarding the social cohesion of migrants; and to increase interaction among governments, IGO representatives, migrant advocates, migrant worker representative, and researchers. On the last day of the Symposium, over 90 people attended a press conference, where MMN representatives and guest speakers presented the outcomes of the event. Proceedings which summarize the key points from presentations and discussion as well as include a final list of recommendations have been published in English. The executive summary has been translated into respective GMS languages, and MMN partners plan to submit them to relevant policymakers and other stakeholders, together with the Symposium's proceedings. MMN shall continue to follow up on the recommendations developed at the Symposium to achieve the project's mid-to-long term objectives: to make GMS regional discussion on migration more coherent, taking into account the need of social cohesion; to encourage various policies in the GMS (for example, labor standards, wages, education, health, housing) to incorporate migrants' needs and ensure migrants have access to social protection; and to enable GMS countries to enjoy stronger economies, peace, and social harmony as a result of people being able to live together.

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