2013 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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インドネシア西ジャワの自然保護地外における自然資源・生態系サービスの住民参加型管理 ―利害関係者の合意形成に向けた参加型政策策定プロセス
Community-based Management of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services Beyond Conservation Areas in West Java Indonesia: Participatory Policy Making Process for a Mutual Consensus
Institute of Ecology/Graduate Program on Environmental Studies, Padjadjaran University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


The mosaic of forest and agricultural landscapes in Indonesia and Satoyama landscape in Japan possess high socio-ecological values for ecosystem services provision. But the integrity and productivity of these landscapes in Indonesia are declining due to lack of clear policy that guarantees harmonization between conservation and production purposes. The project aims to formulate policy recommendation on sustainable natural resources and ecosystem services management in Indonesia based on mutual consensus among stakeholders. The goal is to solve conflict between achieving sustainable natural resources management and fulfilling the basic needs of rural people relying on local resources by adopting the Satoyama Initiative. In return, lesson learned from the project can be useful for future scenario of Japan's Satoyama revitalization.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

Many areas located outside conservation areas have socio-ecological importance of natural resources that generate diverse ecosystem services. In Indonesia, issue related to high dependency of rural communities on local resources has been causing conflict between conservation and production. Unfortunately, policy aimed to establish a good governance system that harmonizes natural resource conservation and sustainable production in non-conservation areas is still lacking. Such policy is vital to empower communities and strengthen their productive capacities, define stakeholders’ responsibilities, and increase opportunities to conserve natural resources. This project aims to formulate policy recommendation based on mutual consensus among stakeholders with the ultimate goal to find win-win solution with regard to achieving sustainable natural resources and fulfilling people’s needs. The project has been able to achieve some important points such as agreement to designate some parts (blocks) of non-conservation area (production forest) to be functioned as ‘conservation’ area. The project is able to convince local community to actively participate in conservation programs and some crucial problems faced by local community are identified and some alternative solutions are determined. Finally, consensus building among stakeholders is formalized in the form of ‘Letter of Intent’, and this will be used as a basis to execute further action.

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