2013 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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非熟練移民労働者の社会的統合と再統合 ―インドネシア・フィリピン・タイの経験より
The Reintegration/Integration of Unskilled Migrant Workers: The Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand Experience
Orbeta, Aniceto
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

本企画は移住と開発の分野における国際移民労働者の社会的統合と再統合について着目する。インドネシア・フィリピン・タイの各国政府は、それぞれの国における本事項の重要性を勘案し、適切な政策を持つ必要性を認めている。 本企画で扱う課題としては、移民の社会的統合・再統合政策を形成する際の異なる要素の存在があげられる。例えば、政策で扱う移民の種類、すなわち熟練・非熟練労働者に対する考慮、また移民の社会的統合・再統合プログラムやサービスを阻害する主な要因の特定などである。本企画では上記の要因・課題や政策について、中央や地域レベルのワークショップを通じて各コミュニティと共有し、移民の実状をより正確に把握することを通じて、政策担当者がより対象を明確にした支援政策や持続的なプログラムを立案できるようにする。

The project will look into the reintegration/integration of international migrant workers in the migration and development nexus. Governments from different countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand saw the need to have policies relating to the reintegration/integration of migrant workers because of the magnitude of its impact in their country’s development.
There are different factors that should be considered in order to shape the reintegration/integration policies like what kind of migrant does the current policies cater to? Are these policies targeted for highly skilled workers or for unskilled workers? In addition, it is also important to identify the main problem hindering the development of reintegration/integration programs and services.
The project intends to present these factors, problems and policies in national and regional workshops in order to share them with the communities, to understand the patterns of migrant worker flows better and for policymakers to propose better targeted support policies and sustainable programs and services.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

The project looked into the role of reintegration / integration of international migrant workers into the migration and development nexus. Governments of both sending and receiving countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand saw the need to have explicit policies on reintegration/integration of migrant workers because of the magnitude of their impact in their respective country’s development. Furthermore, the importance of officially recognizing reintegration / integration as an important component of comprehensive migration management has been acknowledged. The studies reviewed the reintegration / integration experience of three ASEAN countries Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The results showed that the reintegration policies in Indonesia are still embedded in general migration policies rather than have specific the objective of reintegration. This led to sporadic, insufficient and uncoordinated reintegration efforts. In contrast, in the Philippines, official recognition of the importance of reintegration of migrant workers was as early as 1995 under RA 8042. While this has led to creating reintegration institutions spanning several departments, the resources devoted to it remains meager. Meanwhile, host country Thailand has a different policy type. Their policy for integration is to provide the same protection to migrant workers as those provided to Thai workers.

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