2013 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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退職者を歓迎し、社会的参画を可能とする受け入れ国としてのタイ ―外国人退職者のタイにおける就職環境の向上に向けて
Thailand as a Hospitable and Inclusive Retirement Destination: Promoting Job Prospects of Foreign Retirees in Thailand
Chalamwong, Yongyuth
Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

本企画の狙いはタイ政府並びに関連する政策担当者に対して、タイ国内における外国人退職者の就職状況に関する政策提言を作成することである。目的は3つある。第一に、雇用者の外国人退職者に対する需要を高めること、 第二に外国人退職者の能力及び雇用可能なスキルを強化すること、 第三にタイ国内の外国人退職者の雇用促進に関するマスタープランを作成することである。本企画は、代表者がメンバーである中央委員会の役割を強化することによって実施される。委員会と本企画の参加者は密接に協働することにより、外国人退職者・雇用者・政策担当者等の関係者の意見を集約していく。マスタープランの草案はタイ政府によって承認される見込みである。

The primary aim of the project is to vigorously create policy recommendations to the Royal Thai Government and related policy makers regarding employment prospects of foreign retirees in Thailand. Key objective is three-fold 1. to increase employers' demands for foreign retirees 2. to enhance competencies and employability skills of foreign retirees and 3. to formulate a master plan on Promoting Employment of Foreign Retirees in Thailand. The project will be implemented by empowering and increasing the roles of existing related national committees which the project leader is now an active member. The committees and project members will work closely in order to communicate effectively with foreign retirees, employers, policy makers and other stakeholders. It is expected that the draft master plan will be accepted by the Government.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

Thailand as a Hospitable and Inclusive Retirement Destination: Promoting Job Prospects of Foreign Retirees in Thailand

Thailand is one of the tourist attractions, especially for retirees in various reasons. The majority of foreign retirees mostly come from developed countries where the utilization of technology reaches the maximum level. Therefore, it is hope that the transfer of knowledge and skills from experience foreign retirees could bring lesson learnt and benefit to the country. Under the study, the focus group discussions and desk review were the methodology. It found that law and legislation become the main barrier since every foreigner who wish to work must apply for non-immigrant visa (type B) with the certify statement from prospect employers, while other type of foreign retirees are not eligible to work. Although the law is prohibiting, becoming a ‘volunteer’ is another option. The tripartite method is proposed for this study. The strong linkage of involved parties – government, employers and retiree volunteers must be driven for the sustainability. In addition, the Royal Thai Government (RTG) shall be take initiation as the main facilitator to cooperate with all parties including the government from origin countries. The proposed process may not happen in the nearly future, however the pilot area could possibly launched in some selected high employment rate location. Both direct and indirect evaluation must be adopted to bring the ‘win-win situation’ to all parties.   

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