2013 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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(Project Title)
Recommendations to Stipulate Local Environmental Issues in the New National Law on Urban Development
Marco Kusumawijaya
Rujak Center for Urban Studies
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


The output from this project is recommendations to stipulate local environmental issues in the New National Law on Urban Development, which will be formulated along 2013-2014. This proposal is based on our current result of working with three cities in Indonesia i.e Makassar, Surabaya and Semarang within the Urban Knowledge Dynamic Program, which aims to encourage the production, dissemination and utilization of knowledge on cities. Over the past two year, the urban population on those respective cities have been involved in the process of reviving their understanding on the city through research, exhibitions, public discussions, etc. The consensus that we will build is based on different evidence, including knowledge and experiences, in cities in Indonesia including those three cities. As a methodology, we will extracting the matters of common concern and at the same time develop the uniqueness of each city in Indonesia as the capital for the economic, social and cultural sustainability This consensus process will conducted through stages where participants know the difference and diversity that exists in each city.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

The project aimed to produces a recommendation paper to stipulate local environmental issues on the draft of National Law on Urban Development. The law is driven by some critical factors; the increase of urbanization and the urgency of urban area management. 
The paper is constructed, mainly, by input from public in three cities, i.e. Semarang, Surabaya and Pontianak. 
Throughout the program, Rujak invited citizen in three cities to think, imagine and vision their cities for 20 years ahead. Through the exercise, cities highlighted urgencies needed to be address, as following: 

1.    The lack of fulfillment of basic amenities 
2.    Connectivity and mobility within city 
3.    Integration among regions in 14 Metropolitan cities in Indonesia. 
4.    The disappearance of kampungs due to urban development in cities
5.    Relationship with natural resources/ landscape (river, sea) 
6.    The function of common space
7.    Relationship among government and its citizen 
8.    Transparency on local governance 
9.    The disparity on urban development between cities in different region 

The highlighted urgency is caused, among others, by the lack of citizen control toward urban management. The programs also suggest that the improvement of urban management is not solely resolved through new law. What is important is to conduct an inventory on existing regulations and evaluate its implementation.


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