2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  共同研究助成A2  
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子ども同士の支え合いで実現する心豊かな学校・地域づくり ―いじめやこころの不調に手を差し伸べられる児童・生徒の育成
Development of Warm-hearted School-community Environment through Mutual Support of Children: Education of Students to Make Them Able and Willing to Help Peers Suffering from Bullying and Mental Difficulties
佐々木 司
Tsukasa Sasaki
Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Aim of the present study is to contribute to the development of warm-hearted school-community environment, where diversity of individuals is accepted for mutual support of the school-community members. This will be realized through the education of children to cultivate them willing and able to help peers suffering from mental difficulties and bullying, on the basis of warm heart and correct knowledge on mental issues. During the two years of the study specifically, we are going to develop comprehensive and practical programs of mental health education for adolescents and parents. By practicing the programs, they will learn what mental disorders are, what bullying is, and what they can do to help peers who are suffering from those problems. The programs also help improve the students' health. Through the education, the development of warm-hearted and mutually supporting school-community environment will be realized. The programs will be developed and practiced through cooperation of "Yogo" teachers at school-sites (mostly equivalent to "school nurses", but they also have license to teach school courses on health that are within or out of governmentally-determined curriculum), university teachers who train the student (or candidate) to be the "Yogo" teachers, and researchers of school mental health, psychiatry and psychology. NPO members who have been trying to develop and practicing anti-bullying program for years also participate in this study. All members cooperate through their unique expertise. A feature of the programs will be that they can be practiced by school-teachers including the "Yogo" teachers, not only by mental health professionals. This will help the programs prevail in a larger number of schools. Extensive experiences and expertise of the "Yogo" teachers at school sites may help realize this unique feature of the program.

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