2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  共同研究助成A2  
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インド北部ラダークの村落における「物産誌」の製作 ―山地村落からの顔の見える地域像の発信
"Product-based Ethnography" of a Ladakhi Village in Northern India: Challenges of Alternative Approaches to Research Aimed at Contributing to Local Societies
月原 敏博
Toshihiro Tsukihara
Faculty of Education and Regional Studies, University of Fukui
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Depopulation and industrial decline of rural communities are critical issues in mountainous regions. Thus, in many mountain societies, including Ladakh, a steep mountainous region in northern India, people have made efforts to attract tourists by promoting mountain trekking and developing specialty products, using local crops and animals. By showing recognizable images of the region to outsiders, these approaches have been somewhat successful; however, their benefits seem to have accrued only to a limited number of people in areas surrounding popular sites, and to those selling popular local products. Moreover, as symbolic images of mountains are common to all mountainous regions, they can hardly serve to meaningfully differentiate one region from another.
 People living in harsh mountain conditions have traditionally utilized diversified crops, animals, and forest products for earning a stable livelihood. It is a complex system where each settlement and household takes up varied roles to emerge as traditional communities. In such a complex system, products that symbolize development play a very small part. We have considered only those systems that have a relation between the environment and people living in the mountains, as these systems per se should be the resources for attracting outsiders.
 Based on a detailed survey undertaken in a Ladakhi village, this project aims to publish an article on "product-based ethnography." In this article, we will not only present special products of local origin, but also explain the ecological background and social system that sustain the production of such specialties. The "product-based ethnography" article is an integrated academic paper and guide book meant for members of the general public interested in knowing about the livelihoods of people living in mountainous regions, and to encourage them to visit those places.
 Researchers working in a certain village usually want to present their papers to academic societies, and do not always link their work with the development of a village. We have however tried to proactively suggest an alternative approach to research that can contribute to local societies.

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