2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  個人研究助成B  
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東アフリカ農村における植林の受容と継承 ―技術普及の動態的プロセスへの視点
Dynamics of the Diffusion Process of Afforestation Technique in the Village of East Africa
黒崎 龍悟
Ryugo Kurosaki
Faculty of Education, Fukuoka University of Education
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 For many Sub-Saharan African countries where market economy develops rapidly, it is urgent issue to satisfy both conservation/administration of forest environment and activation of rural economy. Governments and donors have coped with this issue by conducting afforestation projects. Although it is necessary for the effective extension of afforestation techniques to monitor whether the rural people who accept the afforestation techniques utilize them continuously and how the techniques are succeeded to the next generation, few research have clarified these aspects. The purpose of this project is to clarify how afforestation techniques diffuse in a rural village of southern Tanzania. The project focuses on questions emerging from its individual practices from a long term perspective; what are the motivation driving afforestation practices, by what timing does the people plant trees, and which kind of network helps to diffuse the techniques. The expected outcome of this project is the detail of dynamic diffusion process of afforestation. In addition, based on this outcome, the project points out the problem found in many development projects/programs which prioritize to seek replicability and instant result. This project tries to suggest the importance of learning lessons from popularly-led movements, the actual conditions of which can be brought to light from long-term field researches, for the effective management of development projects/programs.

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