2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  共同研究助成A2  
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モーリタニア·セネガル川付近における農地開発に向けた取り組み ―河川氾濫制御と水資源開発と伝統的水源管理慣行
Towards the Farmland Development along Senegal River in Mauritania: Flood Control and Traditional Custom of Water Resource Management
入江 光輝
Mitsuteru Irie
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineerring, University of Miyazaki
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 The area which has agricultural development potential in Mauritania located at the west end of Sahara desert is limited, only along the Senegal River. However, its water resource is not used effectively and the food productivity has room for improvement. On the other hand, there are refugees and returners from the surrounding countries to Mauritania in these years because of its political stability. The reinforcement of food productivity in this area is urgent issue. In this project, the potential of this area as a food production base will be discussed from the point of view of the plan for using Lake R'kiz, the dry lake lying beside Senegal River as the retention pond for flood control and water reservoir for agriculture in dry season, including its management.
 First, the topographic and hydrological data will be obtained for the numerical simulation of inundation and the storage capacity of the dry lake. In addition, the water balance in farmland will be observed for calculating the arable land based on the comparison with the available water resource.
 At the same time, the quality improvement of farmer's life will be discussed from the social and economic point of view for the smooth shift from conventional recession agriculture to the irrigation agriculture proposed by this water resource development. The current situation of house hold economy and traditional water resource management will be observed. Then appropriate process of technology introduction to the local farmers, which is required for the change of farming style to irrigation agriculture by the development of the new water resource, will be discussed. Reflecting the result of this socio-economic survey, the water resource system will be modified and the development scenario will be rebuilt with the simulation.

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