2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  個人研究助成B  
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アチェにおける子どもへの性的暴力 ―その背景の調査と児童保護の「新たな」社会文化的なしくみの再構築に向けた地域の価値の探究
Sexual Violence against Children in Aceh: Researching Backgrounds and Exploring Local Value to Reconstruct 'New' Socio-Cultural Mechanisms of Child Protection
Eka Srimulyani
Islamic University of Ar-Raniry
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Sexual violence against children is among serious crimes. Currently, the police institution in Aceh recorded the increase of such cases in Aceh, and also emphasized that most cases of sexual violence against children were done by the people close to them; from (immediate) family, relatives, teachers or even neighbors. This sociological research is aimed to understand the background how could this have happened in the society like Aceh that has a strong value of family, kinship, and social relationship, and what has changed in this society. From this understanding, the research will try to find out how could culture and local wisdom are revisited to generate concept and ways that protect children from these crimes, or what sort of 'new' socio-cultural mechanism will help to eliminate this type of violence.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

The sexual violence cases against children in Acehnese society has currently increased. The offenders mostly came from [male] immediate family, close relative, their teachers and close neighbors of the victims. This occurred in a society that value family, kinship and social relationship highly. Although there have been some laws, both national and local law or bylaws  passed by the government in the framework of child protection, apparently, the legal mechanism does not work well. Therefore, a non-formal socio-cultural mechanism is in a need. This concept can be reconstructed from the local values and wisdom has already rooted in the given society. 
   Violence means abuse or misuse of power.  It also means using the physical power, thread or action for her/his self, other individual and group or community which cause hostilities, traumatic, death, psychological loss, abnormality and rights abuses. KPAI (Indonesian national commission for Children Protection) said that year 2014 is an emergency year of sexual violence against children. A number of sexual violence cases being reported in a number of areas. The Indonesian national and local social media published a number of sexual violence case against children almost every day in printed and on line media. The cases in Aceh also increasingly emerged, the local government through the office of women and children protection has concerned much on the current increasing cases. Sexual violence is an unwanted sexual contact or others which also followed by physical and psychological thread. The sexual violence category are usually referred as familial abuse, and extra familial abuse.
   Media and technology are among the factors that most of informant including key person interviewed referred as the sources of the violence. Nevertheless, it is too simplistic just to blame the media and current technology innovations. This crime is complicated, and intersected with a number of factors and background. It also engaged a number factors, both from the person, the family, society, even the state. The pedophilia, less protection of a family, teenagers love relationship, and some incidental chance are among those behind the causes of the violence.  
   For the socio-cultural protection, most of the informants interviewed agreed it also transferred and built from religious values and education that emphasize on child protection. While, at the same time, some efforts to establish a serious social protection, the so called of “pageu gampong” (village social fence/protection) is also encouraged and implemented to assist another layer of protection apart from the family. For some, this is also part of the ‘cultural dignity’. Nevertheless, this has to be kept on its right way, or otherwise it could be also a way to humiliate the innocent victims, something against what is expected.. 

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