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中国甘粛省石窟群におけるコミュニティ参加型遺産保護手法の確立 ―シルクロード東端の地域アイデンティティー向上を目指して
Establishing a Community-participating Method of Heritage Preservation at the Gansu Site of Stone Caves, China: In Search for the Local Identity as "The East End of the Silk Road"
李   梅
Mei Li
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Gansu province, located in the northwest of China, is known as one of the poorest regions in the country. Recently, the region has been undergoing development initiated by the central government, but in terms with the development in the tourist resources, which is an important aspect of the social resources, its focus is more on natural environment, and the cultural resources tend to be forgotten. Historically speaking, this area used to be on the Silk Road, flourished with many Buddhist facilities such as temples, and it still preserves a lot of remains. Among them, grottoes are quite important since they are one of the richest in number and density all over China.
 However, preservation and protection based on the idea of restoring cultural heritage are poor except for Dunhuang Grottoes in the northwest of the region, and more and more remains are deteriorating. From the international standpoint of cultural heritage preservation, it is important to maintain the authenticity of the remains, which requires the study of restoration and preservation in cooperation with the art history field. 
 In addition, the importance of community participation in the course of heritage preservation has been increasing in the global society, which we can see from the fact that UNESCO or World Heritage Treaty now requires heritage preservation that will be beneficial to the local society.
 Considering the above, this study aims to establish the community-participating method of restoration and preservation suitable to China where the idea of local community or the identity of the residents are still poor, and tries to contribute to the society by the way of heritage preservation as well as the improvement of local identity.

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