2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  個人研究助成B  
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ビッグデータからビッグビジョンへ ―英国の市民社会組織によるデータ立脚型研究における挑戦と機会
Big Data, Big Visions: Challenges and Opportunities for British Civil Society Engagement with Data-Driven Research
William Allen
ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society, University of Oxford
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 'Big Data' enjoys currency across several academic disciplines and popular media. Besides the absolute size of datasets, 'bigness' also refers to the idea that analysing vast amounts of information can open novel perspectives on complex issues. Civil society organisations, broadly conceived as non-governmental groups having a public presence and expressing certain ethical, policy, or social views, have a stake in marshalling such data-driven research to achieve their agendas. However, there is the risk of divisions-economic, technical, digital-appearing between those who have the capacity to successfully use or interpret data-driven research and those who do not. Furthermore, it is unclear how and to what extent such research is changing the nature of UK civil society. Combining survey analysis with ethnographic interviewing, this project will show how and to what extent British civil society organisations harness data to achieve their missions. Then, by interrogating the perceptions and assumptions underpinning these practical uses, I will critically examine what kinds of civil societies are being envisioned and prioritised over others as particular values are attached to concepts like 'Big Data', 'data-driven research', and 'evidence' in the context of British politics and policy.

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