2013 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  共同研究助成A1  
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「生物多様性」をローカライズする ―タンザニア西部における地域コミュニティによる内発的自然保護を支援する環境教育システムの構築
Localizing Biodiversity: Introduction of an Environmental Education System to Support Spontaneous Conservation Efforts by the Local Community in Western Tanzania
Michio Nakamura
Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Western Tanzania has rich fauna and flora, thus has been designated as one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world. Such high recognition of its biodiversity and concerns to its decline by international scholars and conservationists are, however, often not fully shared with the local community. One reason for this may be that geographical remoteness has deprived the people there of the opportunities for education and employment. Together with the problems of declining biodiversity and ignorance of local communities about it, there is also a concern about their traditional knowledge of nature which has been maintained over generations but now fading away.
In this study, we investigate diverse fauna and flora and traditional knowledge of local people about them in order to develop teaching materials for environmental education to local children. In each procedure, we create a framework which enables the local young to actively participate. By having the local young collect traditional knowledge of animals and plants in their environment from their elders, we expect that they rediscover values of their surrounding nature and their own culture. Also by having the young teach children about the environment with educational materials introduced in this project, it is expected that such traditional knowledge to be transmitted from generation to generation within the local community. If such activities continue on their own and if they collaborate with tourism, etc., we can expect emergence of employment opportunities and some economic effect in the future. We will present the outcome of this study in an open workshop etc. as a model case solution for similar problems faced in various areas in the world.

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