2013 社会コミュニケーションプログラム Communication with Society Program      
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地域を基盤とした包括的な性暴力被害者支援体制の構築に向けて ―情報発信・支援者養成・意識啓発を中心に

Constructing a Comprehensive Community-based Support System for Sexual Assault Victims: Focusing on Dispatching of Information, Training of Supporters, Enlightening and Awareness Building
棟居 徳子
Tokuko Munesue
Faculty of Law, Institute of Human Sciences, Kanazawa University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


  Although sexual assault is a serious violation of human rights, victims cannot be provided sufficient support which is suited to their needs under the existing framework of laws and systems. As understanding of the actual conditions of sexual assault and victims is lacking, it often happens that victims suffer from secondary damage and cannot sue anybody for their damage. The creation of a comprehensive community-based support system for sexual assault victims in which all sexual assault victims can receive continuous support in their own communities is required.
  We carried out; (1) investigation on the actual condition of sexual assault and needs of sexual assault victims, (2) investigation into the social resources of support for sexual assault victims and publication of its results in the form of a referral guide book, (3) development and practice of a training program of sexual assault response health professionals and advocates. 
  This project will carry out the following research to develop and dispatch the outcome of the research mentioned above; (1) publication of referral guide books with revisions and examination of the way of dispatching the information on the Web, (2) following up with a training course and adjustment of whether it should be continuously held, and the holding of a training course for young people, like university students, (3) holding of a symposium which aims at the construction of a support system for sexual assault victims.

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