2014 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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包括的なコミュニティ保健医療システムの構築 ―タイと日本の経験から学ぶ
Building Inclusive Community Health Care System: Lessons learned from good practices in Thailand and Japan
Aoki, Rieko
Center for Health and Rights of Migrants
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Both in Thailand and Japan, migrants tend to be excluded from various social services. Among them, exclusion from health care has particularly serious impact on the lives of migrants and their families by depriving income, opportunity to go to school for children, and time to spend together. In order to make health care available to everybody in this society, it is important to build inclusive community health care system, where migrants needs are fully taken into account. This is possible by active participation of migrants themselves in the health care, and with policy change and support of various stakeholders such as local government, medical professionals in hospitals, health centers, and social workers. NGOs play vital role in connecting migrant community to the other stakeholders. In this project, we will review good practices in the two countries in order to learn from each other, and to extract lessons and recommendations that could be applied to build inclusive community health care system. We also plan to produce training kits with audio-visual material to raise awareness among general public and build political will among various stakeholders to build more inclusive society.

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