2014 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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小水力エネルギーを活用した「コミュニティ協同組合」の構築 ―インドネシア・西ジャワ州と宮崎県五ヶ瀬町での人的交流を通じて
Socio-Technological approach for building sustainable community through the corporative action installng Small-Scale-Hydropower in Japanese and Indonesian rural area.
Isamu Ishii
Research Institute of Gokase Renewable Energy
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


In this project, we want to work positively to join up the missing links about installing Small-Scale-HydroPower(=SSHP) by local community. Japanese side(=Research Institute of Gokase Renewable Energy,RIGRE) has the knowhow of consensus building and code of natural resources,on the other hand, indonesian SSHP community(=Asosiasi Hidor Badung,AHB) has appropriate technologies for rural area. So, we tackle together building sustainable community based on renewable energy while learning from each other.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)


When we make renewable energy policy for the region, we should overcome lots of challenges.
For example, we should make reconciliation among interested parites, build consensus for the policy among people.
Until now the Reserch Institute of Gokase Renewable Energy conducted presentation, training, event, demo, etc concerning to renewable enegy. In line with these action, we address consesus-building on an agreement for the future by all residense. However, we have still room for improvements.
In this project, through the experience of making process for “Kincir” (handmade wooden micro hydroelectric generator in Indonesia), we saw great potential in traditional know-how of buiding the consensus in Indonesia as a tool for leverege active participation and build consensus. Therefor we hold Kincir workshop to install this traditional know-how into Gokase city. Local people and foreign student from several countries joined this workshop and they learnd making process for Kincir. This learning process inspire how to leverege renewable energy deriverd from nature in the participants.
In addition participants could find and share the local challenges for community life. We think we could build practical lerning process for developing future vision for this local communitiy under falling population and aging society.

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