2014 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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The role of welfare centers in ensuring social welfare for the elderly in Vietnam: Review of current practice and potential for policy recommendations
Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa
Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa
Faculty of Sociology, Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanity
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

フェーズ1では、ベトナムにおける高齢者福祉センターの運営の評価を行う。具体的にはセンターの数量に関する統計データ、滞在する高齢者の人数、提供されるサービスの種類、入所プロセス、インフラ、資金、人材、職員の人数、資格、責任の範囲等を概観する。さらに複数の手法で福祉センターの役割を評価する。 またハノイ、ダナン、ホーチミンにおける6つの福祉センターでの現地調査を実施する。研究対象には、サービス利用者(高齢者)、親戚、直接の介護者、行政官、地方の役人、政策立案者が含まれる。センター内で提供されるサービスについての高齢者の満足度調査は、高齢者センター内で配布される。フェーズ2では、政策や法規のSWOT評価を行う。 高齢者、福祉センターや福祉施設の高齢者のための特定の方針に関する政策を概観する。評価については、複数の手段で福祉センターの活動に関わる政策や法規の評価を行う。文献調査では、フェ―ズ1で実施したワークショップにおいて収集した専門家や政策決定者の意見を集めて分析を行う。フェーズ3において、政策提言を実施する。

Phase one: Evaluation on the operation of welfare centers for elderly in Vietnam Overview: Statistic data about the quantity of centers, the number of elderly in these centers, kinds of services delivered, intake process, infrastructure, funding, human resource. Evaluation: Evaluate the operation of welfare centers by several ways: Field study: six welfare centers representing three regions in Vietnam: Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh city. The research objects include service users (elderly), their relatives, direct caregivers, administrative officers, local officers, policy makers. Survey on the satisfaction of elderly on the services delivered within the centers Official reports Interview managers of the centers, local authorities, elderly Phase two: SWOT evaluation on policy and legislation regarding activities of welfare center in caring elderly Overview: Review the policy regarding elderly, welfare centers and particular policies for elderly in welfare centers. Evaluation: Evaluate the policy and legislation regarding activities of welfare centers in caring elderly by several ways: Literature review Analyze data from survey and interviews in phase one Organize workshop to collect opinions of experts and policy makers Phase three: Build up policy recommendations and advocacy
Project Outcomes:
- One report
- One article on international journal
- One article on Vietnamese journal

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

Since the aging process accelerates considerably in the recent years, elderly care has now been considered as one of the priority contents in social security system of Vietnam. Until now, the main care model for this group of population is still family care. For those without family, social welfare center would be their most-wanted choice. However, it is not an easy choice. The number of centers is too small in comparison to the number of elderly in need. Moreover, these social relief centers still face a lot of difficulties regarding finance, infrastructure, human resources; the elderly here receive quite a low social allowance that cannot ensure them a good life… and the legal system supporting the operation of these centers is also inadequate. Beside investigating the operation of these centers and assess the level of satisfaction of elderly living there, we also set up partnership with Vietnam Social Protection Department and create a network of social welfare centers that will work together in reinforcing the role of this kind of establishment in caring for elderly and raise public awareness on elderly care through activity such as workshop and film showing.

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