2014 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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バイリンガル環境で育つ子どもたちの言語形成に考慮した教育環境整備事業  —韓国との連携で広げるネットワーク構築へ
Improving an Educational Environment where Language Acquisition of Children Raised in Bilingual Environment is Cared for: Expanding the Network by Cooperating with Korea
吉富 志津代
Shizuyo Yoshitomi
World Kids Community/Osaka University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

 具体的には、昨年度作成した提言書やDVDの活用と、アメリカのひのきインターナショナルスクール、ボリビアの日本語普及学校から教育関係者を招 いて、国際シンポジウムを開催し、得られた知見を基に日韓で使える言語形成に関する教育マニュアルを作成、フィリピンとも共有する。

Last year through our initiatives to establish an educational system where foreign students attending Japanese public schools are provided with learning support appropriate for their stages of language acquisition in Japanese and/or mother language, we learned lots from the practices of language education of a country with advanced open immigration policies and found our challenges. We felt it’s important to cooperate with other Asian countries to develop more advanced measures and overcome the challenges together.
 Steps to solve educational challenges in language acquisition Korea also faces as a country accepting immigrants are creating an opportunity to share experiences and initiatives taken by the countries with advanced open immigration policies and Japanese Latin Americans and networking with interested parties so to contemplate on proposal/strategic measures to better public education. We’ll share outcomes with the Philippines and look for ways to cooperate from here on.
 Specific actions are to use the proposal and DVD we made last year and organize a symposium inviting guests from Hinoki International School (US) and Japanese language teaching school (Bolivia). We’ll write an educational manual on language acquisition applicable to Japan and Korea based on the knowledge earned from the symposium and share with the Philippines.

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