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近代日本の盲唖学校におけるコミュニティの特質 ―特別支援学校における歴史観獲得のために
The Distinction of the Community in Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb of Modern Japan: Acquisition of Historical Perspective in Special Support Education Schools
木下 知威
Tomotake Kinoshita
Japan College of Social Work
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     This study elucidates the characteristics of community in Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb in Modern Japan. 
     Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb performs general education and vocational education to the deaf or blind persons, encouraging their economic independence. This school is the origin of the School for the Deaf and the Blind in Japan. In 2006, due to the amendment of the "School Education Law", School for the Deaf and the Blind, school for physically handicapped or mentally retarded was integrated into a special support education school.  
     This has complicated school management and establishment of communities since students of different disabilities are put in the same school. Opposition movement by parents, teachers and students of the school and graduates have occurred, yet evaluation of special support education schools has not been determined.
     In order to solve this situation this paper focuses on the form of community, targeting Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb for the planning of special support education schools. This research is conducted by analyzing the student rosters, list of graduates, administrative documents, and alumni bulletin of Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb. Based on the archives, database of the person involved in the Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb will be created. Also, interviews will be conducted to graduates of institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb.
     In conclusion, the results of the study will be applied in lectures and workshop in special needs schools. By analyzing special needs schools and Institution for the Blind and Deaf-Dumb from a historical perspective, I plan to find a new perspective and value of the relationship between people with various disabilities.

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