2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  A 共同研究助成  
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東アジアにおける「越境的多文化主義」 ―国境を越えた文化シティズンシップの構想と実践に向けた国際恊働プロジェクト
Trans-Asian Multiculturalism: International Collaborative Project of Transnational Cultural Citizenship in East Asia
岩渕 功一
Koichi Iwabuchi
Monash Asia Institute, Monash University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the rise of inter-Asian migration has made ethno-cultural diversity more intensified and visible. This has accompanied the activation of policy discussion of multiculturalism, at the same time engendering jingoism and racist attacks in society. This project aims to propose "transnational multiculturalism" across East Asia that collaboratively tackles the shared, imperative issue of multicultural co-living from a trans-Asian perspective. This is to rethink the discussion of multiculturalism, which has been developed mostly in Euro-American contexts, and de-nationalize the discussion of multiculturalism as a policy to manage cultural diversity within the nation-state. We will examine "multiculturalism from below", which has been fostered in East Asia by various subjects and groups such as ethnic communities, citizen's groups, NGOs, NPOs, local governments, and consider the way to develop it into the formulation of trans-Asian cultural citizenship by promoting transnational cooperation, dialogue and mutual empowerment. Cultural citizenship is a conception and social praxis of respect for all kinds of difference, enjoyment of cultural diversity, and the fostering of self-reflexive dialogue with oneself and others in society. The core of cultural citizenship is the creation of dialogic co-learning process among diverse citizens. Working together with various subjects and groups, this project will design a form of dialogic and creative co-learning and practice it by holding international festivals. Such praxis will lead to the accumulation of the know-how of practicing dialogic co-learning process. It will also further facilitate the cooperative relationship and dialogues among participants. Both will much contribute to make Trans-Asian Multiculturalism as a sustainable long-term project that nurtures the value of multicultural co-living collaboratively and transnationally, the value that has not been well nurtured within the framework of the nation-state. 

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