2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  B 個人研究助成  
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〈災害時経済〉の下でのモラル・エコノミーとボランティア経済(圏)の生成と展開 ―復興の社会経済分析
It Unfolds with Generation of Morals Economy and the Volunteer Economy (an Area) under <Disasters-time Economy>: A Social Economic Assessment of the Revival
Kamon Nitagai
Tokyo University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

復旧過程の全体を捉えるには、災害時の公的資金支援分析の他、災害時の経済的支援活動、民間の支援金、非貨幣的なボランティア活動など、災害時の復旧・復興の資金・活動等の広い意味でのエコノミ-の重層性を全体として、かつ復興カレンダ-という時系列的に分析する必要のため、〈災害時経済(Disasters-Time Economy)〉と〈モラル・エコノミーmorals economy〉、〈ボランティア経済圏〉概念を準備し、それらの概念のもとに実態調査研究を行い、市民等の供出・寄附・活動による〈災害共同財(commons)〉とも呼ぶべき市民共同財の形成による「連帯経済」(わかちあい)という社会的仕組みの萌芽を明らかにしたい。そこから、復旧・復興過程全体的仕組みの実態と各経済領域の果たす役割の実態を明らかし、地域再生のプログラムと、災害時に形成される「市民社会」の「連帯経済」の社会的意義について研究する。これらの研究の成果として、復興から新しい社会の形成を支える「連帯経済」、「市民社会」の物的基盤の特異的条件を明らかにする。

     With the experience of two severe disasters (Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake disaster of 1995 and the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster of 2011), I wish to consider "subsistence" as human life, existence equaling the basic activities of life, an essential mutual act-like existence economy. In this study, I pursue a positive development of "Disaster Time Economics" as a research object under the larger framework of the formation of a "moral economy", as part of a critical process. 
     In this study, in order that a stricken area and society may aim at realization of the new methodology about "creative revival" for newly developing independently, research involving the state of the revival fund of a wide sense is performed.
     Nevertheless, there is an overall understanding of who, in what areas, and using what methodology, has conducted research in the restoration and revival process, as well as the weak points that tend to hinder the process. There is no research on the rationality and function of public finance expenditures or national sources expenditures.
     Therefore, in this project, the term "disasters-time economy" is newly prepared.
     From this concept, many activities of the project, service, support, self-efforts, etc. of a domain social and private from a public sphere in connection with the process of a maintenance/restoration under the disaster are grasped.
     The feature and subject point of the process are clarified.
     The market economy order which is going to be produced in this process does the basic work which finds out the economic order for another self-subsistence over the life.

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