2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  B 個人研究助成  
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都市先住民に適する居住空間とは ―台湾新北市における原住民不法占拠コミュニティとその移転策の考察
Creating Livable Space in Cities: The Contestation Over Urban Indigenous Squatter Communities in New Taipei City
杉本 智紀
Tomonori Sugimoto
Department of Anthropology, Stanford University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     As a result of rapid industrialization and urbanization under the post-WWII KMT regime, many of the Austronesian indigenous people in Taiwan migrated to large cities like Taipei beginning in the 1960s. On Taipei's peripheries, some of these urban indigenous people, mostly of the Amis tribe, began to form squatter communities in the 1970s. Since then, the municipal government has continuously attempted to demolish these communities, but as of 2014 nine indigenous squatter communities exist in New Taipei City, a doughnut-shaped suburban municipality that surrounds Taipei. In order to resolve these communities' illegality, the municipal government of New Taipei City announced in 2014 that it would relocate these communities into affordable "social housing," which is said to take into consideration indigenous squatters' cultural differences from the Han-Chinese majority. The aim of this research project is to ethnographically observe this resettlement process and think about how best to create a livable space within urban areas for indigenous people, for whom cities have become new homes. Through interviews and participant observation, I will examine the processes in which these indigenous squatter communities have become "problems" that need government and non-government intervention as well as how the current relocation plan is perceived by residents of squatter communities themselves. The perspectives of residents will provide an alternative vision of what urban indigenous communities should look like in the future, which might be different from that of the New Taipei City government. As relocation proceeds, I will also investigate what impact resettlement will have on the livelihoods of urban indigenous squatters. Through this research, I hope to contribute to the production of new values about indigenous cultures, livelihoods, and rights in Taiwan and many other contexts where indigenous struggles continue. 

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