2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  A 共同研究助成  
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近大都市圏農山村の「地域資産」蓄積にむけた未来設計 ―長野県富士見町を事例に
Future Re-design of a Rural Area for "Local Asset" Accumulation: A Case Study on a Rural Town Close to Metropolitan Area
堀尾 正靱
Masayuki Horio
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

大都市圏に近い農山村の多くはアクセスの良さを生かし、大都市圏市民向けの外来型のリゾート開発等を積極的に行ってきた。リゾートブームが去った今、地域には多額の借金のみが残り、環境破壊、若者人口の流出、耕作放棄地の増大などの課題等に苦しむ自治体が少なくない。今後は、大都市向け、外来的開発ではなく、地域のヒト、モノ、カネ、コトなど多様な「地域資産」に着目し、その地域資産を発掘、連結、循環、蓄積していくことが、観光客や定住・移住者の増加を促し、人口減少社会を解決する方策として期待される。本研究では長野県富士見町を対象に、従来型の外発的動機づけによる地域 設計を転換し、地域資産とその連結、循環、蓄積を重視した未来設計を行う。富士見町の地域資産の「流入」「流出」の実態調査、イベントヒストリー分析及び地域資産の連結・循環可能性調査、また新たな「コト」づくりを、町役場・地域住民参加のもとに発見的に行いながら、今後の富士見町の政策展開の参考となる、地域資産蓄積型の新たな価値創造のシナリオを構築し、同様の地域への波及を図る。また、今起こりつつある地域の具体的な内発的プロジェクト等の支援も行う。

     Many rural areas close to a metropolitan area have been actively developed as resort towns for tourists from cities, by taking advantage of the easy access during the past resort fad. As a result, many of them now face serious difficulties such as financial deterioration and environmental degradation due to the excessive investment and development; an ageing population; farmland abandonment. To overcome these difficulties, the approach for development has to be changed from one motivated by the exogenous expectations to one motivated by the endogenous expectations from local people looking to enjoy a comfortable and sustainable rural life there. This would be likely to attract people in cities in this age of diversity, and would lead the reverse flow of people, materials and money to rural areas in the long run.
     Fujimi is a town in Nagano Prefecture, which is located about two hours from Tokyo metropolitan city. Fujimi-town is not an exception - it is facing a lot of problems that other many rural areas face. This research aims to re-design the future of Fujimi-town, motivated by the local intentions of "what to do" and "how to do" in order to make the town more comfortable and sustainable for current and future's generations. For achieving this research objective, we must first analyze the current situation in the town from the perspective of the local economy (i.e. the circulation of people, food, energy, money, etc.) and the past local activities and events, and the connections between them. Regarding all of them as valuable "local assets", future design workshops will then be held with local participants so that the "local assets" start to become more active, connected and accumulate. Through the research process, we will support the emerging local activities and the local policy design. We will also package this new local community design process as an applicable method to similar areas and diffuse nationwide.

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