2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  A 共同研究助成  
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持続可能な社会を創る「農の営み」を通じた新しい価値軸の提示とその普及に関する実証的研究 ―国内の農山村と都市における実態調査と比較検討を通じて
A Study to See Agricultural Activities as a New Reference Value for a Sustainable Society through a Fact-finding and Comparative Research in Rural and Urban Area in Japan
勝俣  誠
Makoto Katsumata
Graduate School, Waseda University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     Our research, which will be carried out as a multi-disciplinary field study on rural and urban area, aims to analyze the nature and prospect of a value shift toward "agricultural activities " which may be the best means to realize a sustainable society.
     What characterizes production of goods and services in contemporary society obsessed with economic growth is mass production and consumption based on a large scale of resource exploitation and environmental destruction. Today, it is widely recognized that such society is no longer sustainable. Furthermore, the work in contemporary society which gives top priority to money earning does not always lead to happiness or satisfaction of everyday life. 
     In the face of this phenomenon, "agricultural activities" are slowly, but constantly gaining supports in practices and empathy across generations for popular aspiration for more autonomous living in symbiosis with nature. Therefore "Agricultural activities" which are associated not only with a monetary value, but also with a non-monetary immeasurable and vivid value and commons may possess universal significance of what a more human civilization should be.
     In the study, we will carefully analyze various "agricultural activities" that we see growing in rural and urban area across today's Japan. Its formal and informal supporting system as well as the motivation and background of those who have chosen to engage in the activity will be studied, and a new reference value that will enable contemporary society to shift from the growth-oriented one to the sustainable one will be made articulate. And vocabulary for new life style created with "agricultural activities" will be presented to contribute further local and international debates on the new reference value.

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