2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  B 個人研究助成  
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Exploring Public Moral Values of Intergenerational Environmental Justice
Matthew Cotton
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     Intergenerational environmental justice IEJ between current and future peoples is an issue of critical concern to environmental politics. Climate change, biodiversity loss and energy use all require us to consider multigenerational timescales and multiple, conflicting moral values whilst making immediate decisions. What is needed are tools to assist this process, decision support methodologies that encourage stakeholder deliberative engagement with complex social and moral values implicit in long term environmental management processes. This project presents a novel deliberative tool to explore public moral values of IEJ and to provide decision support to policy makers. The proposed ethical tool combines two approaches. First is John Dewey's concept of dramatic rehearsal, an empathetic and imaginative ethical deliberation process. The second is the methodology of participatory backcasting, in this case using visual materials such as pictures, drawings and other visioning techniques to develop a creative process of devising scenarios of potentially desirable futures, with practical evaluation of the technical, social and political networks necessary to make such futures happen. By experimenting with this novel model of deliberative engagement I aim to provide a fruitful means for elucidating complex new moral values around IEJ and find the means to incorporate these into environmental policy processes.

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