2014 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  B 個人研究助成  
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インドネシア都市スラムにおける生活環境の総合的解決方策の検討 ―都市物質代謝システムの総合的把握と生活者の価値判断のマッチング
Comprehensive Approach for Improvement of Living Environment in Urban Slum of Indonesia: Analysis on Urban Metabolism and its Harmonization with People's Value System
牛島  健
Ken Ushijima
北海道立総合研究機構 北方建築総合研究所
Northern Regional Building Research Institute, Hokkaido Research Organization
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     This study will give comprehensive tactics for improvement of living environment in urban slum. One of the critical causes of the problem is a mismatching between social system, regulations, and technology, which was provided by the administrative, and people's value evaluation or priority-making. This study will conduct (1) analysis on urban slum's metabolism in terms of materials, energy, and values, and (2) analysis on the system of people's value judgment and decision making. 
     Regarding urban slum's metabolism, the applicant will conduct participatory observation and understand the current flow of material, energy, and values. Based on the result, the applicant will describe a crude framework of an optimal system.
     Regarding people's value judgment and decision making, the applicant will conduct questionnaire surveys and analyze the result in logistic regression and structural equation modeling. 
     Finally, the applicant will compose the proposal of social system, and present it to administrative person in Bandung city. Feedbacks will be involved in the final report and proposal.

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