2015 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Exploring the System of Livelihood-Centered Community Building for the Elderly: A Lens through Field-Works in China and Japan
李  妍焱
Yanyan Li
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


The objective of this project is two-folds: 1) to better understand how China and Japan work on the "system of livelihood-centered community building for the elderly", which enhances their way of living with dignity, and 2) to achieve this, the project aims at encouraging more in-depth interaction between staffs, practitioners and academics who have been/are working in the field of ageing society, as well as in the practice of constructing such community system. The term "the way of living with dignity" refers to a situation in which the elderly not only become the recipient of cares from different parties in a unilateral way, they are also recognized as a part of their family and a community; most importantly, they receive respect. Discovering the crucial issues and topics for such community building via discussions, workshops, and visits to various corresponding sites in both countries, we expect to provide recommendation and further policy proposals. 

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)


For the way of life in which the people are able to live by with some dignity until the last day of their lives on their familiar homeland, this project perceives the sphere of daily-life as a community. Most importantly, it explores the possible concept to be a model for such community, at the same time discussing how community-care should be given to it.
Through the intellectual interactions between Japan and China, We proposed a statement titled "Toward the Prevailing Community with Group-Living-Care (GLC)". The “Group” refers to a form of community residence shared by those who recall nostalgic memories about its local neighbors or friends. “Living”, on the other hand, denotes a place of cooperation with the local communities as well as a place which the members of its group share. Finally, “Care” indicates a situation in which various cares are placed accordingly to different phases. The GLC particularly pays attention to the cares that treasure interpersonal relations between the elderly and vary depending upon social relation. Its remarkable characteristic of residential form is two-fold: 1)the balance between the closed daily-life within the group and open-cooperation with local communities, and 2) the mixture of personal cooperation and professional care. Moreover, we insist the making of community-coordinator ecosystem is crucial for the growth of the GLC.

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