2015 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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International Harmonization of the "Training of the Trainers" Program of Community Health and Social Service for Older Persons
小川 全夫
Takeo Ogawa
Asian Aging Business Center
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


In order to realize the ideal concept of "Aging in Place," it is the common acknowledgement to enhance the comprehensive-community-care and to develop the place and the chance where older persons can be by themselves not only in aging Japan but also in Indonesia and Korea which are following to Japanese aging trajectory. However, Japanese society will have to reform the community care and the social participation of older persons, although it tended to over-develop the institutional care for the elderly. Therefore, in order to propose an international training center to related organizations, we will hold meetings and study tours for open-innovating and harmonizing the training of trainers of community health and social services for older persons, through mutual understandings of Indonesian way of community care and Korean way of family care and age-friendly industry.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

日本、韓国及びインドネシアの人口高齢化には時間差がある。したがって「介護」の概念を、そのまま他国に当てはめないで、まずは過去から取り組んできた課題を伝えて、そのうえで今後の地域高齢者に対する保健福祉サービスを担う人材育成に向けて、「訓練者の訓練TOT」の必要性及びその訓練をする国際的な訓練センターの必要性を共有した。そこで、インドネシアでは複数の省にまたがる訓練プログラムの調整を提言し、今後普及すべき介護への省横断的な取り組みの端緒を作った。日本では国際会議Fukuoka ACAP2016と厚生労働省の「保健医療2035」のシンポジウムを結び付け、福岡市に国際的訓練センター設置の提言を行った結果、「福岡市健康先進都市戦略(中間報告)」にこの構想が盛り込まれた。韓国では初めて高齢者ケアに関わる異職種の共同参加会議が開催され、健康保険公団や国会議員の関心も得られた。

There is a time lag of population aging among Japan, Korea and Indonesia. Therefore, we transmitted issues of our challenge, and, in turn, we have shared the necessity of “Training of Trainers Program” and International Training Center for it, rather than we apply the concept of “Kaigo (Japanese long-term care)” directly to other countries. As a result, we has recommended a coordination of the training program to multiple ministries in Indonesia, and made a beginning of inter-ministry challenge to disseminate the long-term care. In Japan, as we have held the symposium of “Developing a Vision of Japan’s Health Care Policies for the Year 2035” in conjunct with the 10th Anniversary Fukuoka Active Aging Conference 2016, and we recommended to Fukuoka-city to establish an international training center in Fukuoka-city, the it was included in “The Fukuoka-city Advanced Healthy City Strategies (Interim Report.)” In Korea, the first inter-professional congregated meeting was held for the elderly care, and it was interested by the Korea National Health Insurance Services and a National Congressman.