2015 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Proposing Supports for People Confronting Double Responsibility of Care: Through an Exchange Programme among Japanese and Korean Professionals and Carers who Support and Provide Double Responsibility of Care
東  恵子
Keiko Azuma
Non Profit Organization Sherlock Holmes
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

東アジアでは、高齢化、生活習慣病、若年認知症の増加と並行して、晩婚化・晩産化、少子化が進行している。これにより介護と子育てを同時に直面する、ダブルケア当事者(ダブルケアラー)の増加が見込まれる。韓国と日本は急激な人口学的および社会的変化に対応するために、 近年介護支援、子育て支援領域において国際的にも革新的な政策を施行してきた。両国とも介護保険法を施行し(日本2000年、韓国2008年)、さらに韓国は少子化対策として急速に子育て支援政策を拡大している。労働市場、家族関係、人口学的変化などにおいて類似する日本と韓国を対象とした学術的な比較政策研究は蓄積されてきたが、介護支援・子育て支援に関わる専門職やNPO団体の間で蓄積された知識や経験は、未だあまり共有されていない。本プロジェクトは地域で着実な実践を蓄積してきた団体/人々の草の根の交流と通して、グローバルな問題に立ち向かう知恵を共同で創出することを目的とする。

In East Asian societies, along with the aging population, the lifestyle related diseases and dementia at an earlier stage of life are increasing. At the same time women tend to delay both marriage and childbirth, and the total fertility rate remains low. These all suggest that the number of people who will face double responsibility of care, those who simultaneously provide care to the elderly and young children, will increase. In order to respond to acute socio-demographic changes, Korea and Japan have made significant policy development in the area of elderly care and child care in the last two decades. Both countries have implemented Long-term care Insurance (LTCI) Act: the Japanese LTCI Act in 2000 and the Korean LTCI Act in 2008. Furthermore Korea has made a rapid expansion of childcare provision as a countermeasure to the low birth rate. Korea and Japan shares some structural characteristics particularly in the labour market, family relations and demography. Therefore the comparative policy analysis between Korea and Japan has seen a rapid development. However little is known about the knowledge and practice accumulated by professionals and Non-profit organizations that provide supports for elderly care and child care. Based on exchanges of knowledge and experience among those who have been engaged with the local practices in Korea and Japan, this project aims to explore an approach to confront the global issue.

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