2015 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (A)共同研究助成  (A) Joint Research Grants
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The Approach to Dissemination of New Preservation Technologies for Disaster Damaged Archives
青木  睦
Mutsumi Aoki
National Institute of Japanese Literature
(Grant Amount)
企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


     In recent years the risk of the disaster occurrences such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, and the flood increases in a global scale. In the case of disaster occurrences, keeping archives (documents and records) related directly to livings including people’s lives and the property in a secure way is indispensable requirements to reduce suffering risks. This project aims that the paper preservation technology which we devised newly through the salvaging activity for the suffering official documents of the East Japan great earthquake disaster will be shared as the method practiced in all over the world with international research exchanges, and will be dispatched and prevailed it worldwide.
    Our method is that records are protected from deterioration using imminent materials speedily and are lead to recovering. We devised this method and acquired observation and measurement data through the practices at the disaster area. This project operates three activities as the followings; 1) we analyze and study accumulated data as well as examine the effect of the new preservation technology. 2) we hold a workshop in Italy where they experienced eruptions and flood damage in the past, add new findings through exchange of opinions, and establish the methodology of the new technology that stands on the international point of view. 3) we transmit provided results widely using a citizen participation type international exchange meeting and our homepage. As a result of these activities, the environment will be developed that anyone in the world can access to the new method and procedures for salvage of damaged paper materials when a disaster strikes.

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