2015 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (A)共同研究助成  (A) Joint Research Grants
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An Empirical Study on the Self-governing Conditions of How a Small Municipality Can Keep its Inherence and Sustainability: An interdisciplinary comparative analysis on the transitions of governance, landscape, and public spheres in the villages in Japan, Germany, and France since 1960s
Keijiro Yamada
College of Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

 具体的には、日独仏の3つの小規模自治体を対象に、我々の考案した「空間—社会構造分析」(Socio-spatial Analysis Approach)を行う。まず、空間—社会の関係を、空間要素と社会的活動(所有・管理や組織・制度的枠組み等)の個別要素レベルで具体的に把握する。次に、環境変動を自治体が受け止める過程で、ガバナンス・風景・公共圏が互いに連動しつつ更新されてゆく様子を、「場」(空間—社会構造)の変遷を通じて確認し、その運動論的な構造を描き出す。その国際比較により、最終的には、上述した「場」の条件を地方・都市を問わず活用できる仕方で提示することを試みる。

Today, there have been the increasing social difficulties such as terrorism, racial intolerance, and the loss of culture and its landscape, while the citizen awareness of trying to face these difficulties and solve them with others has been weakened. We consider that a small municipality can have the inherent social values which should be shared internationally, that is, the values that it functions as the field for self-government, where it can keep its inherence and sustainability while tolerating heterogeneity, at the same time, foster the open-minded citizen awareness.
    This study aims to clarify the conditions of the field for self-government like mentioned above, focusing on 3 small municipalities in Japan, Germany, and France. In the study, using our original "Socio-spatial Analysis Approach", we will investigate and grasp the empirical relations between spatial elements and social elements (who owns and / or controls each of spatial elements, and what kinds of organizations and / or social systems are related to each) in great detail. Then, we will illustrate the dynamic structure in socio-spatial relations and their transitions during the process of tolerating environmental changes, in which local-governance, landscape, and public spheres are interconnected toward their renewals. Finally, by international comparison, we will clarify the above-mentioned conditions of which the international similarities and differences and the applicability to both urban and rural areas will be taken into account.

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