2015 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (B)個人研究助成  (B) Individual Research Grants
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The Power of "Self-Documentary" (Personal Documentary Films) to Reflect the "Everyday World "after the Great East Japan Earthquake: The process of sharing disaster experiences and fostering "insiders" through filmmaking by the citizens in post 3.11 Japan
丹羽 朋子
Tomoko Niwa
National Institutes for the Humanities
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This study, using the method of visual anthropology, will review the possibility of " Self-Documentary" (individual, personal documentary films) created by the sufferers in the affected areas, visualizing their own "Everyday World" after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Although these visual practices are vitally important to consider the process of sharing disaster experiences and memories, there have been few researches about them. To find new value in visual practices of the citizens in Post 3.11 Japan, I will focus on interactions between various people by attending their filmmaking process including shooting, editing and showing films both in and out of Japan. Our project consists of 4 kinds of researches; construction of the database on "3.11 documentary films", comparative study of video archives and film festivals supporting them, ethnographic case studies of some specific practices of filmmaking by the affected in Sanriku and Fukushima, and an action research with such informants. Concretely we will hold Film-screening Workshops, collaborating with the Japanese and Chinese "Self-Documentary" filmmakers. I consider meaningful to make a platform for discussing the visual practices of the citizens of the two countries. This study will suggest that "3.11 Self-Documentary" had the power to involve many people and become a useful vehicle for constructing the "public sphere" in which various people can talk over "the insides of 3.11", "the recovery of the affected areas" and many other social problems.

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