2015 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (A)共同研究助成  (A) Joint Research Grants
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Toward Integration of Time and Space in Lifelong Learning: From the field of Dosenbo area, Kyoto
前平 泰志
Yasushi Maehira
Faculty of Education, Kio University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


    This project aims to revolute the fixed idea that education exists only in the space of school and/or between the terms of school age. It presents a new theory from various kinds of practices in the longer times, and wider space under the ground of education to fully explore the concept of lifelong learning, which consists of 'educational time' from the individual and 'space integration' from all facilities. In other words, it is to make clear of dynamism under the influences between one and one's community in the time of history. This project aims to experiment new values even at the sprout stage that learning is to be understood without separating the nature of history and that of space. 
    Researchers and practitioners have been trying to wrap up the integration of educational time to one's birth and to death, and the integration of educational space from every kind of educational organizations.
     They talked, studied and acted both integration as entirely separate factors. For instance, when the idea of co-ordination (school-home-community) is emphasized as the integration of space, then one's issue of time axis (history) would be put aside. On the other hand, when one's life-history is emphasized as the time integration then space integration comes subject to its ones' axis. 
     This study is the accumulated result of a 10-year field study on Dosenbo Minami Yamashiro, a prefecture in Kyoto, which is one of the only case studies of community practices. By understanding the learning process (time) and learning context (spaces), one's consciousness transformation becomes closely related to one's living world (space) and as well as formation and self-formation for the whole life.

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