2015 社会コミュニケーションプログラム Communication with Society Program      
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Publication of Charity System in the UK: Its Transformation and Implication on Charitable Policy in Japan
太田 達男
Tatsuo Ohta
The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


   We have initiated an impact survey on implementation of Charities Act 2006 in 2014 with a financial support from Toyota Foundation and MRA House. 
   The aim of this project was to research about a current situation of general charities, Charitable Incorporated Organizations and Community Interest Companies, as well as an impact of the new Charities Act enforced in 2006, with a purpose of making a contribution to creating better enabling environment for non-profit sector in Japan.
   As a result, our research project has revealed that there are many cases and experiences which we can learn about from the UK. Particularly, the Public Interest Corporation legal scheme in Japan was modeled on Charities Act for England and Wales, therefore their experiences are very useful when we discuss about how to create better enabling environment for non-profit sector.
   Finally, we have compiled a survey report for not only charitable and non-profit organizations but also other interested parties who can give some influences to the policy makers such as government officials and academic experts.
   A research report which we are going to publish in 2015 will be based on the above survey report. It is expected that this reference book will be widely exploited as a reference among policy makers, academic experts, charitable and non-profit organizations to create better enabling environment for non-profit sector.

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