2016 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Combined Solution for Dementia Care via Nursing and Medical Treatment, along with a Creative Plan for Building an Elderly-Oriented Society
王 青
Qing Wang
Japan-China Welfare Planning
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

昨年末中国の60歳以上の高齢者人口は2.2億人を突破した。36年間の「一人っ子」政策を背景に急速に進む高齢社会化は経済成長の別側面であり、対策の準備と実施は急務となっている。高齢者人口率が一番高い上海市は、常に政策の実践と実績で中国の先頭的存在であるため全国への波及効果が期待できる。一方、日本では認知症ケアで先進的な脱薬や在宅診療など多くの取り組みや研究などがなされている。 認知症を取り巻く様々な問題をコミュニケーション・住環境・運動・食事などの共通観点から、上海市と日本との交流を通じて、日本の先進的な理念と成果を発信すると同時に、上海市の様々な活動、とりわけ地域の中で住民たちが支え合う生活システムを紹介し、認知症になり難い、認知症になっても安心して暮らせるまちづくりという両国にとっての課題をコアテーマとし、そこから両国の生活文化への落とし込みを行い、実践的なアクションプランの構想提案を目指す。

By the end of last year, the population of elderly people over 60 years old had reached the number of 220 millions in China. On the bright side of One-Child Policy, it founded a solid financial ground for a successful economic growth. However, in order to cope with current issue of aging population, an effective and executable plan is now a first priority to look into. Shanghai, which has the highest rate of elderly citizens over total population, has performed noticeably well in terms of representativeness and perspectiveness of its solutions and outcomes. In the meanwhile, Japan has started to initiate many leading-edge researches about dementia care like medicine withdrawal and in-home diagnosis and treatment. It is a common understanding that dementia is affected by communication, living environment, sports and dieting habit. By closely observing the supportive neighbors of Shanghai community and spreading the advanced scientific achievements from Japan could provide an invaluable opportunity to enhance the cooperation in this particular field. Therefore, a comprehensive discussion between Shanghai and Tokyo is necessary for preventing dementia and promoting the related caring facilities. The mission aligns the mutual interests of both countries as well as the cultural preferences.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)


Dementia is a common phenomenon that is always found in aged society at a certain ratio.The aim of this research is to focus on the present dementia caring conditions in both Japan and China,and to this end we have conducted fieldwork in the city of Tokyo and Shanghai.Dementia is still seen as a disease in China.In Japan,on the contrary,the matter of caring contributes the main part of dementia problem than just nursing.By promoting the project of lifestyle and the dignity caring services (which named Hyakuninhyakushoku) for dementia patients, the condition of the patients can be better relieved and it is now spreading to Shanghai as a potent option.Besides, through studying current situation in China, Japanese researchers were also inspired intensively especially in the field of expending welfare business without public support. It is believed that more comprehensive recognition about dementia caring has been acquired from this exchange study.