2016 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Joint Research on the Situation and Support for Offender's Families in Asia: Focus on Japan,Korea and Taiwan
Kyoko Abe
NPO WorldOpenHeart
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


WorldOpenHeart(WOH)is a non-profit organization for human rights activities.WOH specializes in supporting "offender's families”It is working since2008,there were no such organizations or experts doing these activities in Japan.The families of offenders were left out in criminal justice and public policy .Even though there were cases of families committing suicide because of the sense of guilt .WOH has handled more than 500 cases of offender's families in every situations.In WOH, criminal defense attorneys take a important role .The legal support activities are essential,as they could result in shorter sentences and even prevent miscarriages of justice.We deem this strong collaborative relationship with legal experts one of the most important and unique features of our support activities.Japanese way of supporting offennder's families are different from the way of western countries.There are a few information and organization for offender's families in Asia, we could find some activities in Korea and Taiwan in recent years.These countries have so much in common with culture and criminal justice.We world like to resarch the situation and support of offender's families in each countries and establish networking system and asian model of them.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)


The families of offenders are left out in every criminal justice and public policy consideration in Japan. Even though there are cases of families committing suicide due to the extreme sense of guilt. Stigma and shame of being related to an offender also prevent the family members from reacting out for help. Thus, there exists virtually no official data on the situations of offenders’ families, one of the most marginalized populations in japan.
“World Open Heart” has handled about 1500 cases of offenders’ families under varying circumstances.
 Kyoko Abe published a book “My Son Killed a Person” in 2017. This book has a lot of stories of the families of offender’s who are suffer from media scrum, stigma and ignorance in Japan. It has published in Korea and Taiwan. Support activities in Korea and Taiwan only focus on the care of children parent in prison. They have not recognized the situation of the families during police investigation and trial. This book would be useful as an Asian text of support activities for the families of offender’s and suspects. We should consider the way of media, criminal justice and family from a perspective of the families of offender’s.